Before getting started, there are couple of things you need to know…
Istanbul is a unique city in the world: it is spanning over two continents, separated by the Bosphorus and linked by two bridges (only…), and accounts for more than 16 million inhabitants!
Where to get settled?
How safe is the area?
What is the distance and above all the necessary time to get at work?
Which schools are in the area, and are they adapted to your children’s needs?
Is the location close to the main entertainment hotspots?
Is the flat or the house worth what it looks like?

Don’t worry, U-estate istanbul® is there for you: we have sound experience in Istanbul, its customs, its people, its real-estate sector. We have many references with Ex-Pats, all of them successful.

At U-estate istanbul®, we listen, understand and focus on YOUR criteria. Our purpose is not only to find “a” home for our clients, but to make sure that this is “The” right home for “You”.
We provide consultancy in terms of safety of the area, distance and time to get at work, proximity of schools, and anything you might need.
Upon request, we can offer re-location services, assistance to residence and working permit, school or kindergarten registration, and help you to get everything you need to get settled without stress: phone / cable / internet connections, security services… 
We at U-estate istanbul® continue to work even after the contract is signed.
The B-to-B corner:
Whoever is our customer, we focus on ethics. When dealing with companies, we at U-estate istanbul® aim at: 
  • Fulfilling the renter’s wishes in line with his/her companies’ budget and specifications;
  • Working in full transparency and adhering to companies’ codes of conduct and ethics;
  • Providing after-sales assistance to the renter and/or its employer, if and when required (upon request, which can include re-location services, residence and working permit, school or kindergarten registration…).